Uniloy® Xenoy® PBT/PC Alloy— Economical blend of chemical resistance and dimensional stability
Unithane® Isoplast® Rigid polyurethane — Excellent toughness and chemical resistance
Unitene® PMP TPX® Polymethylpentene —Lightweight and excellent chemical resistance
Unidel® PAR Ardel® Polyarylate —Good chemical resistance and dimensional stability
Unipen® PPSU Radel® R Polyphenylsulfone —Outstanding toughness, 415°F CUT, USP Class IV Compliant
Unipa RkLd Nylon 6/6, Kevlar Fiber Filled with molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) lubricant
Unipa MAtpe Cast Nylon 6, Impact Modified —High impact resistance
Unicar SSFX02 Stainless steel fiber filled polycarbonate
Unital SFX0102M Metal detectable acetal for food processing applications
Unitrex C30 Carbon fiber filled PEEK, very low coefficient of friction
Unitrex HiTemp Enhanced heat resistant PEEK
Unitrex CM3801 Ceramic filled PEEK
Unitem Sfx-0149 SS filled PEI
Unitrex LF20 PTFE filled PEEK
Unital LZ, LZU Laser Markable POM