Engineering Stock Shape Products:
Nytef Plastics, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of engineering grade thermoplastic stock shapes (rod, plate, and heavy walled tube). Our products are used by machine shops and original equipment manufacturers world wide to produce close toleranced machined components. Nytef Plastics offers the world's widest range of materials in the widest range of stock shape sizes. Whether you need1/4 " thick nylon plate or 15" diameter glass fiber filled
Ultem® PEI heavy walled tube, Nytef Plastics is the recognized source to meet your needs.


Since Nytef Plastics was founded in 1972, we have been consistently focused on serving the needs of plastic fabricators and their customers. Today, Nytef Plastics is widely recognized for quality products offered with friendly and efficient customer service. Please contact your local Nytef Plastics distributor to discover how we can help you. To obtain the name of a Nytef Plastics distributor in your area, please feel free to to contact Nytef 's Customer Service Department via email (use the "Contact Us" feature of this website) or by calling Nytef plastics directly at 1-800-64-NYTEF

ClearGuard® & ValueGuard™ Storm Protection Panels:
Through its Transparent Protection System Division, Nytef Plastics manufactures its proprietary ClearGuard® & ValueGuard™ Storm Protection Panels. When installed over windows and openings, these transparent or translucent panels provide homeowners with protection from high winds and wind blown debris. Because of the extreme toughness of the high performance resins used to manufacture its Storm Protection Panels, TPS offers comprehensive warranties against excessive yellowing & breakage on every panel sold.

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Manufacturing Facilities
Customer Fulfillment Centers

Nytef Plastics operates three state-of-the-art plastic processing facilities:

Dunksferry Central Manufacturing & Distribution Facility, Bensalem, PA - Nytef products are produced under stringent quality control procedures in a leading edge technology manufacturing facility on an 11 acre site in the northern Philadelphia suburb of Bensalem.  This facility is operated under a “plant within a plant” concept, with high volume commodity stock shapes produced on our high capacity extrusion equipment in one area and lower volume, high performance specialty products produced on highly specialized machines in another.

This well-proven concept allows Nytef to be highly competitive in the global market place while maintaining the ability to be extremely flexible in the production of high performance and “designer polymers” engineered to meet even the most demanding specifications in challenging operating environments.

Transparent Protection Systems, West Palm Beach, FL - TPS in West Palm Beach, FL is The Nytef Group’s second North American manufacturing site, with a unique focus on high performance custom profile shapes as well as high performance sheet materials.

TPS is the industry leader in polymer hurricane protection products, offering ClearGuard® polycarbonate panels and ValueGuard® olefin-based panels.   In addition to these products, TPS has the ability to produce nylon and acetal shapes to supplement our main Bensalem production facility, ensuring our customers consistent and competitive lead times.

Nytef Plastics GmbH, Fachbach, Germany - Nytef's UNIPA Cast Nylon stock shapes are manufactured in this facility that is located in the Rheinland region of Southwest Germany.


Nytef Plastics, Ltd. provides the quickest delivery times in our industry from three fully stocked and strategically located customer fulfillment centers:

Philadelphia Customer Fulfillment Center
633 Dunksferry Road
Bensalem, PA 19020
Phone: (215) 638-0800
Fax: (215) 638-7674
Sales Contact: Agnes Kuchler

Chicago Customer Fulfillment Center
1610 Jarvis Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Phone: (847)228-7900
Fax: (847)228-7979
Ass't. Manager: Jamie Szabo

Los Angeles Customer Fulfillment Center
13185 Imperial Highway
Whittier, CA 90605
Phone: (562)946-8723
Fax: (562)946-4497
CFC Manager: Anna Lopez